This is bottegaD3sign in Venice

We are in the heart of Venice, a few steps from St. Mark's Square.

A small corner in Venice where craftmanship and design combine. A space that, in its own little way, aims to propose a mix of innovative products with a strong bond with tradition.

Glass, paper, wood, plastic, satin… you name it? These are the materials with which are created the products available in ‘bottega’.

Contemporary jewelry entirely handmade by weaving satin ribbons and 3d printed creations. Old Murano glass beads to create modern necklaces and a selection of exclusive vintage glassworks coming from the historical Muranese glassfactories.

Why bottegaD3sign ? How do you read? What does it mean?

I chose the word ‘bottega’ because it recalls craftmanship
Then I wanted to play with the letter ‘D’ – design and dimension – to underline a multidimensional space that combines innovation and tradition. A range of different products in harmony with each other, with an eye towards design.

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